Commercial Electrician – An Important Employee

Commercial Electrician is a title given to commercial electricians who perform work in buildings owned by large corporations. Commercial Electrician plays an important role in our daily lives as they help us use appliances like the refrigerator, washing machine, dryer and others that we regularly use in our business establishments. Commercial Electrician also keeps the wiring, automation systems and other electrical devices safe and secure in commercial establishments including offices, restaurants and retail shops. He or she also trains apprentices and supervises newly hired helpers.

Commercial Electrician plays an important role in residential areas as well. In fact, Commercial Electrician is responsible for maintaining and installing various electrical devices like heating and air-conditioning units, security lights, water heaters, etc. In most residential areas, Commercial Electrician works on main power supply of a building. The tasks they usually perform include installation and repair of different kinds of residential electric equipment; wiring of wires; repairing and replacing damaged electrical appliances; installation of new wiring; and inspection of various electrical and electronic devices. In most residential areas, Commercial Electrician is also responsible for setting up a complete set-up of a home by preparing installation manuals, testing fuses and wires and many more.

A Commercial Electrician is usually employed under the supervision of a licensed electrical engineer. Commercial Electrician works for companies, whose main product is electricity. Companies may either provide power supply for residential areas or may provide power supply to industrial and commercial buildings. Commercial Electrician’s job description generally involves providing high-voltage alternating current (AC) electrical services for businesses and homes.

Commercial Electricians performs a variety of services. Besides offering high-voltage AC electrical services for businesses and homes, they also install and repair various types of electrical systems. Some of the services they perform are installation and maintenance of commercial lighting, installation and repair of different kinds of industrial and communications wiring, installation and repair of electrical power supplies, installation and maintenance of various kinds of electrical equipment, installation and repair of complex mechanical and computer-guided machine tools. They even offer training courses related to electrical systems, and the application of electricity in various fields. There are various companies and institutions offering training and education programs related to Commercial Electrician.

In addition to offering various electrical services, Commercial Electrician plays an important role in maintaining and repairing commercial buildings like office, warehouses, hospitals, stores, etc. Commercial Electrician is also accountable for laying the necessary safety measures and installing various safety equipment like closed circuit video cameras, closed circuit electric lighting, and closed circuit electric appliances. They also provide advice related to the construction of commercial buildings and construction sites. Commercial Electrician also ensures that proper ventilation is provided in commercial buildings to minimize the risk of fire and other hazards.

In United States, there are approximately 7 Commercial Electrician Companies, whereas in United Kingdom there are approximately 30 companies offering the service of commercial electricians. As far as the compensation and benefits provided to the employees of Commercial Electrician Company are concerned, it varies from one company to another. However, all companies offer various forms of competitive training to their employees. Moreover, in the United States the only schooling required for Commercial Electrician is a journeyman electrician training course.